Vision and Platform






Denver is an amazing city undergoing enormous amounts of change. As we look forward, we want all families and students - whether they’ve lived here for generations or just moved here - to have a fair shot at success. A strong education is that opportunity. It sets everyone up to live the life they want and succeed in our rapidly changing economy and world.




To create a Denver where every kid gets a fair shot, we must put aside politics and focus on our communities. District 4 is made up of many diverse communities. Each has their own wealth of community resources and also their unique challenges in the education system.


What does that mean? There’s no one size fits all answer for education across Denver. So we must be willing to bring parents and communities to the table and respect them as the experts they are. Parents and families are experts in what they need, in their children, in their experiences, and in their culture. We must allow them to bring that to bear in district processes.


I’m not a politician; I’m a former teacher, school administrator, and community organizer. As your school board member, I pledge to bridge the political divides and work with everyone to find practical solutions to our challenges. This is all to ensure Denver Public Schools sets all our kids up to live the life they want to live.




Teachers as Professionals:

  • Teachers need the freedom to teach and serve students free of district overreach.

  • The district should pay teachers like the professionals they are.

  • The district needs to invest in strategies to recruit, train, and retain great teachers.

  • We should strengthen the teacher leadership program within Denver Public Schools - it will extend the reach of our best teachers.


Stable and Quality Schools for all Students:

  • Every student deserves the opportunity to attend high quality, accountable public schools regardless of governance type or model: charter, magnet, innovation or traditional.

  • As a district, we need to support and invest in our schools and ensure every neighborhood has great schools for families to chose from. Families should not have to send their child across town to find a seat in a great school.

  • Closing schools takes a toll on students, families, teachers, and communities. No one wants our children in unsuccessful schools, however, the district should be using proactive interventions to prevent school closures and improve our schools.

  • Schools should work for communities and students, not the other way around. Parents are our strongest partners in the work of education and should be respected as such.

  • Schools should be open and welcoming community centers. Parents and neighbors should be able to convene for community needs and address their shared issues.


Transparent and Accountable Decision Making:

  • We need more parents and teachers- not only District partners and policy leaders - on district task forces that make decisions for schools.

  • The superintendent should convene a teacher advisory board that provides advice and feedback on key district decisions.

  • Community forums should be a regular occurrence. Forums can be used to gather input on key ideas and policies the district is proposing before implementation.

  • We must invest in digital transparency and accountability systems and share them with parents and communities. Denver citizens deserve to always know how well district promises are being kept and how our tax dollars are being spent.


College and Career Readiness, Access, and Completion:

  • Readiness for college and careers starts with a great foundation of early childhood learning and early literacy. Together with other providers of early childhood education, DPS must ensure we have enough space in every neighborhood so all kids start kindergarten with a solid foundation.

  • In the older grades, we should invest and expand programs we know work to prepare and excite our students about college and careers: concurrent enrollment courses, Career Connect programs, and vocational and apprenticeship partnerships.

  • Denver should uplift and invest in college enrollment and completion programs like Denver Urban Scholars, College Track, and Denver Scholarship Foundation.