Why I'm Running

Dear neighbors,

The last conversation I had with my grandfather was over black eyed peas and collards in his hometown of Lexington, Mississippi. I asked him how he ended up leaving the South. He said that his father got into a fight with a white man who was doing him wrong, and the next day he and his family were on the train north.  

This story reminds me of the sacrifices made by those who came before me, and of my responsibility to pay it forward. It’s why I became an educator, a lawyer, and a community organizer. From diversifying Denver’s teacher workforce, to limiting the number of children arrested in schools, I have a track record of improving the education of Denver’s students at every turn. I’m running for school board because Denver students and families need that experienced advocate now.  

Every day I talk to my neighbors, former students, and DPS teachers. Parents in Stapleton and Green Valley Ranch ask “Will there be enough seats in a good neighborhood school for my daughter?” While leading student workshops, students in Montbello say “I’ve been to four different schools that closed down - how can I succeed without stability?” Teachers and principals across the district ask me what to do about the turnover in staff that keeps them from reaching their school’s potential.

These are tough questions, but we can answer them together in this campaign.  If we put people and processes first, have real conversations about transparency and equity, and work to stabilize our schools, we can find a new way forward for Denver schools.

This November, I ask for your vote. This campaign is about not just our students, but us as a community. I vow to knock on the most doors to collect stories and be your best advocate. I will solve problems by building bridges. I will lead with values: people and community first.